How it all started

Wealth management services offered by large corporate firms never made complete sense to our founder, Mitsuo (Mit) Lockrow. Over time, he came to the realization that the conventional financial services business model was, in many ways, at odds with his own business philosophy and cultural values. So, in 2014, after nearly 20 years of working at global investment banking and broker-dealer firms, Mit decided to form Cambridge Wealth Management and execute on his vision to create a better wealth management experience by integrating the cultural values of simplicity, harmony, and excellence into the traditional financial advisory paradigm.

Our Five core Business Tenets

  • Best Interests | As client fiduciaries, we care deeply about always doing what’s best for our clients. We’re free from the many conflicts of interest that can surface at publicly traded wealth management companies, which also must serve their shareholders’ interests.

  • Simple Transparency | One transparent fee, based on the value of your assets under our management, covers investment management and ongoing wealth planning services for clients with $500,000 in assets.

  • Holism | We provide integrated, unbiased expert advice and solutions. Our disciplined processes and cutting-edge technology help to create harmony in your financial life, bringing together all of the fragmented parts into a cohesive cash flow-based financial plan.

  • Pursuit of Excellence | We pursue continuous improvement in all areas of our business and strive for excellence in every service we provide to our clients.

  • Professionalism with A Personal Touch | Cambridge Wealth Management was founded on the premise that individuals, families, and businesses with complex financial needs deserve thoughtful, personalized attention. You’ll feel like our only client.

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The Logo Story

The design of the Cambridge Wealth Management logo is based off a Japanese coin called the “Four Mon" coin modeled after Chinese coins issued by the Tang dynasty (618 - 907). The logo was conceived on the weekend of July 4th, 2014 when our founder's mother showed him some "Four-mon" coins during breakfast.

In Ancient Asia, the shape of coins was symbolically important — earth was believed to be square and heaven was round. Thus, a square in the center of a circle symbolized perfect balance and harmony and has special significance as a symbol of prosperity.

The pattern of the eleven waves on the reverse of the Four Mon coin was considered to be a symbol of happiness. Today, the waves depicted in our logo represent the six vital components of a comprehensive financial plan.

The coin shape symbolism is the genesis of our mission statement — to help our clients prosper by creating clarity and harmony in their financial lives.